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KWIC County Report Types

KWIC reports provide a table of indicators that share a common theme or topic for a selected county. Click on a topic below to learn more.

Child Well-being

The Child Well-being Report provides a snapshot of the overall health, education and well-being of children, youth and families in New York State. The Child Well-being Profile is a large subset of the indicators available on KWIC and includes indicators from each life area. This is the default profile.

Child Welfare

The Child Welfare Report provides a descriptive portrait of children and youth involved in the child welfare and court systems and is the first step in presenting child-focused, child welfare data in New York State. This snapshot of children and youth involved in the child welfare system includes data on child abuse and neglect (including indicated reports, children in indicated reports, child abuse and neglect resulting in court cases, and child abuse and neglect resulting in removal of child) and foster care (including in-care, admissions, discharges, termination of parental rights, surrender of parental rights, and adoption milestones).


A report that shows education indicators for the selected geographic area.


The Maternal/Infant Report provides a snapshot of the health and well-being of mother and child, including pregnancy, birth, prenatal care, birth weight and gestation, and infant mortality data.

Juvenile Justice

The Juvenile Justice Report provides a descriptive portrait of children and youth in the juvenile justice systems, including the courts, detention, and preventive systems in New York State.

Indicators for this County Report Type:

View All KWIC Indicators

The View All KWIC Indicators Report displays all indicators available on KWIC. Please note that generating an View All KWIC Indicators report requires extra time to compile and display.

Behavioral Health Indicators

The behavioral health indicators represent factors that increase children's mental, emotional or behavioral risks.

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