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Graph Builder

Develop line, bar, or motion charts for selected indicator(s), year(s) and region(s).

Create your own custom graphs using KWIC's Graph Builder

Features of KWIC Graph Builder:

  • Design and export bar and line graphs for individual indicators—Use the Graph Builder to develop a line and bar graph to depict changes in a selected indicator across multiple years and multiple regions. The results will include both a line and bar graph of the custom graph and the accompanying data table.

  • Design and export bar and line graphs for sets of indicators – Use the Graph Builder to develop line and bar graphs to plot a set of related indicators (e.g., asthma by age, births and pregnancies by age, economic security by age) for multiple years and a selected region. The results will be bar graphs that depict the indicators by year and indicators by region. A data table also accompanies the graphs.

  • Copy data tables into a report – Users are able to copy the data tables for use in reports. Place the mouse in the upper left corner of the data table, then left-click and drag the mouse across the table. Right-click the mouse once the entire table is highlighted and select “copy.” Then paste the data table into a document (e.g., Microsoft Word). The table keeps all formatting as viewed in the Graph Builder table.

Image of custom graph results

View the on-demand Graph Builder tutorial.

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